Mockingjay – Movie Information

The Hunger Games is a science-fiction film set in a post-apocalyptic North America. The film, released in March 2012, garnered huge success at the box office by collecting a whopping sum of over $600 million (given its meagre budget of $78 million). It also received very positive reviews from critics and fans for its spectacular screen adaptation of the novel of the same name authored by Suzanne Collins. The film is the first installment in the Hunger game series. The second and third parts of the novel are also being adapted for films. The second part, titled Catching Fire, is due for release on November 22 of this year and it is rumoured that the filmmakers are actively proceeding to make the third installment – Mockingjay. Mockingjay is believed to be released in parts 1 and 2 just like the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince dualogies. But many fans are guessing where the first one ends and the second one commences.

Part of the popularity of the series is due to its already successful novelized form, but another main reason is owing to its lead actress – Jennifer Lawrence. She is extremely famous among the youth all over the world and also won an Oscar recently for Best Actress in a Leading Role. So, she plays a huge role in the success of the series. In Mockingjay, more focus will be laid on the emotional turmoil of Katniss (Jennifer’s character), how she makes her choices and ultimately differentiates the right from the wrong.

Movie Summary:

Following the incidents in Catching Fire, the film’s protagonist, Katniss is rescued by District 13′s rebels and is made the Mockingjay. She persuades President Coin to grant immunity to all the Quarter Quell participants and gains the right to assassinate President Snow. She finds her former love interest, Peeta, succumbing to brainwashing and turning against the rebels. When he is rescued by the District 13 and brought to Katniss, he tries to strangle her believing her to be the enemy, but he slowly recovers with the help of his childhood friend Delly Cartwright and starts to train. Meanwhile, the rebels start an assault on the Capitol; they gain control of many districts and proceed into the Capitol for killing the evil President Snow. Heavy fight ensues killing many brave rebels including Finnick Odair, the winner of Hunger Games. Snow’s mansion is opened on the pretext of keeping the children of Capitol safe, but it is just to use them as human shields; aerial bombing that follows kills many of them and when the medical team enters the place for treating them, a second wave of bombing ensues killing more kids, medical team and Katniss’s sister Prim. This traumatizes Katniss pushing her into a deep state of depression. The rebels win the battle and capture snow. An injured Katniss then recovers and learns from Snow that Coin was behind the bombings and did it for making Katniss more loyal to her. Finally, when asked to execute Snow, Katniss kills Coin instead. A riot follows in which Snow dies and Katniss is declared insane and sent to her District. When she tries to kill herself, Peeta stops her; at that moment love blossoms again between them. Twenty years later, they are shown to be married with two children.

Rumors about the Cast:

The huge cast required in Mockingjay can mean that lot of new roles unseen in its predecessors will be introduced. As predicted, Jennifer Lawrence, the centerpiece of the show, will be playing the role of Katniss. Josh Hutcherson will play the role of Peeta. William Levy is speculated to be in talks with Lionsgate Films to play a crucial role. The filmmakers want to give to role of the President Coin to a more prominent actress; Julianne Moore is believed to play the role. Gary Ross, who directed The Hunger Games is replaced by Francis Lawrence for the second part of the series and is believed to be replaced for Mockingjay. However, the production house, Lionsgate is looking for someone to direct both the final parts of the Mockingjay movie.

Release Dates:

Lionsgate announced that the release dates of the parts 1 and 2 of Mockingjay will be in November 21, 2014 and November 20, 2015 respectively. This needs the filming to proceed at a fast pace.

Mockingjay is expected to have spectacular graphics especially during the scenes showcasing the urban warfare between the rebels and the Capitol.